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  • Beef Rib Bone Soup, Rice, Korean Banchang


  • .5 Chicken Patty from Chik-fil-A


  • Two Fried Chicken Drumsticks
  • One Chicken Thigh
  • 1 Cup Mac n’ Cheese


  • Some Ice Cream
3/31/14 & 4/1/14

On both days I ran one mile (under ten minutes!), and did 15 minutes of HIIT on the elliptical. 

On day 87 I finished with another 40 minutes of low intensity cardio on the elliptical. 

On day 86 I finished with an additional 7 minutes on the elliptical and spent the rest of the time doing reverse lunges with 10 lbs, 3x12, each leg.

  • Veggie Pho
  • Mac n Cheese from the Food Truck
  • Big Mac
  • Several Chicken Nuggets

Overall, not a healthy day for eating


88 days left

My mom made pork bone noodle soup which started the day out healthy, but everything I ate after was pretty bad. Kalani took me to Arby’s where I had a Beef n Cheddar with curly fries. Later on, we went to McDonald’s and I had a quarter pounder with fries and a shit ton of chicken nuggets.

No workout…I’m a failure.